‘Ye’ Album Review

I’ve been a fan of Kanye for as long as I’ve been a fan of music. I’ve struggled with his social…transgressions time and time again. I’ve gotten upset with him when his style changed for 808s, Fantasy, and YEEZUS, and I’ve accepted the change more quickly each time. This album and his acts leading up to its release felt different, and this review will be quick and stinging.

With no further ado.


There was always heated and valid discussion about which is Kanye’s best album. As far as I’m concerned it’s a 6 way tie not including TLOP because that was another half complete release. Maybe YEEZUS is out in front but that’s not my point right now.
Kanye has 8 albums.

Those actions were a business move. There was a profit motive.
This is why there was such an outcry from Kanye a month before release.
He knew.

This is Kanye’s worst album.

Oh it bumps. It’s a good album. Its just not up to the standard Kanye has set all his life. TLOP was questionable, but this one answered the question.

Sonically and lyrically you can tell he didn’t put much effort in himself. Half of the short album sounds like someone else’s work. There are signs of his influence, but his ego and his touch are largely lacking. I have no issue with religion or superstition as long as its not used to hurt others, but this fetishization of the number 7 as something holy, this reaching out, almost pleading to a god that refuses to answer rather than reaching within for your own skill makes one question how much confidence a once dominant artist now has in their ability.

It doesn’t feel genuine.

The most stark example is him talking about how he loves basic women and how little Kim means early in the album, but in the last track he’s praying that someone else doesn’t wield the same power over his adolescent daughter. Make up your mind, Ye. I’ve had to stop believing most of what he says, and now with his recent antics, I have to fact check everything from him.
Overall the album sounds good compared to every other album today, but its far below the standard he’s lived by. That’s why I believe his very carefully made moves a month ago

*ahem, slavery was a choice, MAGA hat, endorsing very conservative, anti black people*

were necessary.

This was his very calculated attempt to gain a larger, whiter audience. They are, after all, who attend his tours in large numbers. The album sounds closer to pop than any before. Ye vs. The People was brilliant because he divided his audience right down the middle by people who did research and understood history and those who merely pretended to. Poopity Scoop was him proving we will listen to him, almost no matter what he says. He knew the protest line well. He walked right up to it, leaned over it, and laughed at us from the other side, but absolutely would not cross it. And it frustrated me to no end how brilliant the marketing was.

All the great marketing in the world can’t make up for a terrible product.

He knows this was his worst work. It might be contributing to his depression. It, along with his continual but natural aging might be leading to him realizing he isn’t actually a god and is at the onset of an existential crisis.

I think Ty Dolla $ign should have gotten more time, he shouldn’t have went with dollar store Chance the Rapper on ‘Wouldn’t Leave’, and he should’ve given his features credit (at least on spotify) but these are my petty grievances.

I think the themes of the album speak for themselves, but its clear that this is the most human Kanye has ever been.

And I don’t like it.


On Public Finance, February 2017

The only reason publicly financed health care and college tuition is even up for debate is because they are brought up. Sanders and Cruz illuminated how a few complex words can hide true intent during their debate over the Affordable Care Act. Cruz would use his fancy lawyer talk and Bernie would interpret for us commoners. Really frightening stuff, that most laws are written in this language with what I can only assume is selfish intent. People, it seems, are innately selfish. The idea that I have to pay for someone else to go to school bothers a lot of people. However, with that same breath we can have the biggest most unnecessary military budget on the planet where we pay for expensive technologies and single weapons that cost more than the man firing it’s annual salary. And don’t get me started on how welfare is figuratively and almost quite literally a drop in the ocean of America’s coffers. It’s easier to strip one of these cut and dry budgets than go into all the intricacies of military funding. Government propaganda of the 40s through the 60s should not still be influential today. If Americans understood what communism and socialism actually entails, if Americans would stop chasing an arguably statistically impossible pipedream and brilliant corporatist tactic of an American Dream, we might just be ok.


Trump Card

The powers that be, the money that runs America, and the establishment media are afraid of Donald Trump. They will do everything in their power to stop him from becoming the Republican nominee. He doesn’t rely on their money since he’s rich, and therefore is not bought. They do not have power over him like every other candidate before him. The question now is how much power do they really have? Will they pay hackers to fix the vote counts? Will they slander him (further) in the media? Will they resort to assassination? If Clinton is the Democratic nominee, I believe they will give up on Trump and push with everything they’ve got to make her the president. She is owned by the banking and pharmaceutical industries and they will control her like they control a Republican. If Bernie Sanders is at the top of the Democratic ticket, they will stand behind Trump because they don’t want chaos in their party, which is what surely will follow with no presidential candidate to control. The nation may fall back into the hands of the people. If voters become disillusioned by the Republican party, all that’s left is to become a Democrat, and the wealthy elite surely do not want that.